Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Optometrist Torture

I am not a fan of eye appointments.  I was due back in September and finally went today.  I hate the tests, the puff in the eyeballs, the bright flashes when they take pictures.  Then the doctor comes in and the real torture begins when you have to try and read the lines of letters.   I used to read off the bottom line with a bit of smugness, now I struggle with the 2nd to top line.  The "E" is the only thing I got down for sure.  Maybe that’s why I find the whole experience painful...it is a reminder of my continuing demise.  I really don’t like the “does line one look clearer or line two?”, “line two or line three?”, “which lines are darker, the horizontal lines or the vertical lines?” , “which set of lines are on top, the first or second?”  By the time I’m done I’m so confused I can’t see straight.  Today there some numbers that were high, a possible indicator of glaucoma so she put some yellow drops in my eyes that stung like crazy and then did another test with a tool right up against my eyeballs.  Then she concluded the numbers were a little high but nothing to be concerned about.  This after my eyes are watering out of control from all the abuse.  Now I just have a screaming headache.   Did I mention I do NOT enjoy the eye appointment???


  1. I don't much like them either, but I do love getting new glasses!

  2. But this wasn't even the year I could get new glasses......