Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Delight

DOWNTOWN JUNEAU ** Pat Costello Photo



I am back to work today after having four, long, glorious, sun filled days off.  What a treat that was!! I went for early morning long walks every day, I gardened, spent quality time with the animals, I mowed, I cleaned the house, prepared for a BBQ we had Saturday night and I laid in my lawn chair and read.  I haven’t heard the official temperature yet but it was slated to be in the mid 80’s.  No matter the temperature, it was HOT!! I even managed not to get burned.  One thing I’ve discovered it sun tanning is a whole different ball game than it was when I was younger.  Then I’d slather on the baby oil or whatever other sun tan enhancing cream I had, I’d have a squirt bottle of cold water nearby and I’d lay out for HOURS on end.  It didn’t matter if I was on the verge of passing out, I refused to miss 5 minutes of sun.  Now it’s all about the sun screen.  And breaks inside.  And sitting in the shade occasionally.  The perfect solution is having my upper body in the shade and my lower body in full sun.  It was a little bit of heaven right here in Juneau, Alaska.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nature Can Be SO Cruel

He was about this size

This was the action that totally broke my heart

I had the most distressing event on Sunday.  I opened the back door and heard some awful squawking so I went to investigate in the woods by our house.  I saw two robins were making all the noise and I saw Timmy, my little cat nearby but he didn’t have anything in his mouth.  I couldn’t really identify the source of the commotion so I started walking back to the house.  The birds and Timmy seemed to follow me.  Once inside I looked up in time to see Timmy nail a bird to the ground so I ran outside again.  When I got to him I saw it was a baby robin.  I picked him up and he appeared really hungry or at least he kept opening his mouth.  He did have a scratch on his wings but otherwise seemed strong and healthy.  I don’t know if he fell out of his nest or if he ever could fly but it took two hands around him to keep him in place.  I was freaking out and mom & dad robin were absolutely frantic.  Every time baby would peep they would start afresh.  I finally got both cats inside and then baby got away from me. He could do a hop/jump combination and was pretty quick.  He ran over to my neighbor’s porch area and I figured he would at least be safe from predators there but I doubt he lasted long.  Without getting him back to his nest he didn’t have much hope.  I begged God to watch over him or at least end his suffering quickly but it haunted me all day.  Helpless baby robin beseeching me for food and safety and I let him down.   It was not a good day.