Saturday, December 18, 2010

Afternoon Delight

Today was really enjoyable.  First, it was my favorite winter weather, sunny and cold (around 11 degrees at our house)  everything covered in sparkling snow and bathed in sunlight.  The house was cleaned, the treadmill used and we were off to downtown for some Christmas shopping.  Chris was thrilled to find this fancy camera shop he was sure did not exist in Juneau (he is "counting his presents from Santa before they are unwrapped") otherwise known as buying accouterments for the new camera he knows is coming.  After wandering around town for a while we decided to get some lunch and blew into (and if you know downtown Juneau you know I mean that in the literal sense) an Italian Restaurant called Tarentinos.  We never eat downtown and even though I work downtown the only place I ever escape for lunch to is Bullwinkles on Thursday for a bowl of chili.  Tarentinos has probably been there a year or two but we had never heard of it.  It was nice and warm inside with just the right ambiance.  Frank Sinatra was singing in the background and my chicken fettucini alfredo and Chris' 5 cheese lasagna were to die for.  Plenty of garlic bread (emphasis on the garlic) and diet cokes and we were happy.  There was only one other table of diners so we got great service and conversation as well.  A delightful afternoon.

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