Thursday, December 2, 2010

State Bureaucracy

At the state agency where I work we have a lost & found section where stuff is turned in that people have found.  It is generally cheap earring, a ball cap, a coat or one glove.  We have quite a collection of keys too.  I'm pretty sure at least 95% of everything turned in is never claimed, even when it's something valuable like a cell phone. People always come looking for stuff that wasn't turned in but the stuff that is turned in is never reunited with its owner.   Every once in a while money is turned in.  Recently a janitor, probably making minimum wage found over $50 and was honest enough to turn it in.  It was probably a lot of money to him and he called occasionally wanting to know if it was claimed.  It was not but "the powers that be" ruled that it would not be returned to him.  Government bureaucracy at its best.  If he had turned that cash into the Police Department it would be returned to him if no one claimed it after a certain length of time but since he turned it in to the state agency that employs him it sits in a drawer absolutely useless to no one.  "They" still have not ruled on where it should go but state coffers have been mentioned.  Really?  $50 could make a difference to a person trying to feed a family on a janitor's salary in Juneau but to state government?  Stupid rules by stupid people, nothing makes me crazier. I lay wake tonight thinking about this injustice so in the spirit of Christmas I'm going to return him that money even if it's from my own pocket.  It's just the right thing to do.  Now that dilemma is solved maybe I can get some sleep!


  1. Good for you!! now, get some sleep!

  2. Hey ... where did your next post go? It says it's not there.