Friday, December 31, 2010

Adios 2010

I am not one that is sad to see the last of this year.  I hope 2011 brings some welcomed big changes. 

It is a dreary day here.  Yesterday it snowed about 10 inches and I shoveled the front driveway three times and the back four.  It gave me something to do.  I have to admit, although taking the four days off between Christmas and New Years makes good put in leave for four days and get 10 the middle of the winter there is just not that much going on.  It's probably the worst week of the year for watching TV and even reading some of my new books and playing scrabble and other games on my new Ipad, I got a little bored.  Never thought I'd say those words and it does make me wonder about retirement.  So I kept busy yesterday shoveling and I'm paying for it today with a very tender back.  The temperature was hovering around 30 so it was kind of wet, heavy snow.  Tonight some friends are coming over for dinner and games and I'm making salmon fettuccine.  I saw a recipe online that originally piqued my interest but the more I thought about it the more I began to wonder so last night I did a trial run and I'm glad I did.  The flavor was great but it was too runny so tonight I'm combining several recipes to achieve success.  I hate experimenting on company.  It's pouring down rain today, the first we've had in some time.  I hate to see all the snow laden trees shake their load.  But I guess the holiday season is almost over and we're officially on the downhill slide to spring so bring on the rain.  I hope everyone has a wonderful celebration tonight and a stellar 2011. Happy New Year! 

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