Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I haven't written for a few days because I've been sicker than a dog.  I should have known when I wrote Sinusitus, Blech that it wouldn't be anything that easy. I have a dental history that is something of a nightmare.  I have 15 crowns in my mouth and probably 9 different root canals, almost all of those 9 were the result of an excruciating toothache.  I haven't had a new cavity since high school, my teeth just die.  Who knew those years of dental assisting would serve me in the way they have!  So, my new thing is when I get an abscessed tooth it's on a tooth that has already had a root canal.  That happened a couple years ago and I ended up seeing the endodontist in Anchorage because I was up there for work.  He reintrumented the canal and left it open to finish in Juneau.  It was horribly painful in the days following the procedure and flying home once we got to altitude it became unbearable.  That hour and half airplane ride seemed to go on forever.  Anyway, on Friday when this all started I really thought it was due to my sinuses.  By the weekend I realized I did indeed have a toothache.  My dentist scolded me for not calling on Friday because the endodontist was down from Anchorage this past weekend and could have seen me.  As it is now, he put me on Penicillin and gave me pain meds and I have to wait until Jan 7th to see him.  Let me tell you how that works....I can't eat anything because the tooth hurts and seriously, I have no appetite.  I've eaten a bowl of cereal and a few bites of soup in 3 days.  All the drugs I'm taking give me a very sour stomach and I've thrown up 3 days in a row (and now I am very dehyraded).  I have a raging headache almost all the time.  Lately I've felt feverish and then gotten the chills.  My cheek is sore to touch and my tooth hurts, A LOT!! My body is just completely out of sorts.  Since my dentist wasn't all that optimistic about the endodontist being successful in my case and my dentist brother-in-law confirmed that, tomorrow I am going to pursue getting the tooth pulled.  I know I will need to do something VERY expensive to replace it (I'm thinking implant) but at least I'm not putting my money into a sinking ship.  I've already missed 3 days of work so it has already cost me enough money.  Please say a prayer for me, I could really use it!!

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  1. Ah ... I'm sorry to hear this. Dang! I think you're doing the right thing having it pulled right away. I've heard one can get very ill from an infected tooth and it sounds like that's happened already. I hope you get relief really, really soon. love, susan