Friday, December 3, 2010

The Lights of Christmas

One of my favorite sights of the holidays are Christmas lights shining through a fluff of marshmallow snow on trees.  Right now we have the perfect weather for lights even though this isn't a great picture.  It still required a lot of effort to get....first I attempted some pictures on my Iphone and when that didn't work I sent Chris out with our good camera.  He got down to the end of the road and the battery died so back he came.  I sent him out again but there was a lot of traffic.  Eventually it required a third trip.  If you know him you'll know what a small miracle it was for me to get him to make 3 trips in the cold for a picture for ME.  He took about 10 pictures altogether and this is the best one. He even mounted the camera on top of my walking stick to steady his efforts.  He explained to me that the darker it is the longer the lense has to stay open so you have to remain completely still for a long time hence the trouble.

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