Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finding God in Every Day Moments

This little title caught my attention tonight as I was looking at my blog.  I thought to myself, I should examine the last few days in hind site and see if I can discern the hand of God.  OK, let me try again.  Hmmmm, still no...I couldn't really find him in the 3 days I laid here waiting to see a dentist.  I was awfully thankful I had some pain pills on hand but that was just leftover from another painful incident so I'm not sure that deserves thanks.  I didn't really see him in my trip to the dentist although I was and AM eternally grateful for antibiotics.  Didn't really see him the day I got it extracted either because I really wanted to save my tooth or when it took over an hour to force the tooth out in bits and pieces although I am thankful the dentist got me in on an emergency basis and did eventually get it out. I really thought he had deserted me when I got home and was still in excruciating tooth ache and all related pain for a good 3-4 hours following the extraction.

But that doesn't mean he wasn't there.  True, I have a hard time seeing it but maybe had I not been home sick I would have gotten in a car wreck on my way to work.  Or maybe there would have been a fire in my building and I would have perished that way.  Or perhaps I would have slipped and fell on the ice and my life would have ended, or worse, I'd be in a wheelchair forever.  My point is, this is when we need faith the most.  As my post the other day stated, maybe when he was wasn't  here for me he had a really good excuse to be somewhere else.  I can't wait to ask...........

But until then Lord, please know I applaud all doctors of dental science.  I am equally as thankful for all modern pharmaceuticals but don't feel I need to experience ALL of them to appreciate them. Oprah always says we keep learning the same lessons over and over until we "get it" so Lord, before all my teeth are gone, please know I completely and fully comprehend! Can we at least move on to another body part, but not for say, 10 years??

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  1. I hate going to the dentist. Not long ago while in AZ I had to get a crown done. I told my dentist that I was saying a prayer that he was having his best day ever at work. He laughed! I mean really, I'm sure dentists have bad days just like the rest of us. I just don't want to be in his chair on that day. Right? Kathy, I'm glad the worst is behind you now.