Saturday, December 11, 2010


I'm not exactly sure because I haven't gone to a doctor but I'm pretty sure I have sinusitus.  I just looked up the symptoms and I have the pressure, the headache & the tooth pain.  I certainly hope that's what it is because ANYTHING is better than having to deal with a toothache.  The tooth that  hurts the most is a molar with a crown so I'm 99% sure it also has a root canal and that would mean another visit to the endodontist from Anchorage.  My last experience with him could last me a life time, thank you very much.  All I know is I feel like crap!! I have some pain medication and that helped with the headache but then I threw up from the medicine.  I knew when I took it on an empty stomach I'd have problems but if I eat anything I stir up the toothpain.  All I can say is make it stop!

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  1. Try a neti-pot. I swear to you upon my grave ~ it will help!