Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Even in the sterile and politically correct culture of state government I heard and read many wishes for 'Merry Christmas' today.  It warmed my heart.  I'm glad some people refuse to conform to Happy Holidays.  I never have understood why anyone would take offense to it.  If someone wished me 'Happy Hanukkah' or 'Happy Kwanzaa' I would wish them the same.  I would take it to mean they were wishing me a wonderful time for a day they celebrate.  Whether or not you celebrate a secular Christmas or the birth of Christ, that day DOES exist just like Halloween or Thanksgiving or the 4th of July and it seems silly to me that people could take offense to something that is obviously a wish for happiness.  So MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone, I say it loudly and proudly and with reverence and without apology.

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