Sunday, December 12, 2010

Passwords - the bane of my existence!

It all started out so innocently, coming up with a password.  I used the same word for everything.  Because I know legions of people are reading this (NOT!) and I don't want to give out my real password, let's say I used "higgins." Pretty soon some cites wanted a number and/or a character AND they were case specific so then I had a few "Higgins" sprinkled in or some "Higgins50" and then there were "higgins50" and even a "Higgins500" -- and those are all just personal ones, at work I had "Higgins*" and Higgins5* and Higgins55* and they all change every 45 days or so.  In recent months I have been kicked out of far too many cites because I don't get the password right so I finally made a card in my roladex for every cite I have and the password.  There are google, Facebook, bank accounts, retirement accounts, PFD accounts, newspapers, Ameritrade, Alaska Airlines, Amazon, Expedia, canon, IRS, Itunes,, Pay Pal, Premera, R&B and the list goes on.  Seriously, is this all a conspiracy to make us lose our minds????

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  1. I hear that!! At my work, they asked me to come up with a really zany password that had no pattern to it, something like this: cApitalb2J6Os$. Then, one day my co-worker was out of the office and the IT person for the office hands me the entire list of everyone's passwords so I could get into her computer to do work for her attorney. AND, we never log off on the weekends so if the attorney needs to get in to find something, they can. Somebody please tell me how this makes sense? Thank you very much. :-)