Friday, December 3, 2010

More Favorite Things........

Flannel Sheets.  Nothing says comfort like climbing into bed and laying in between soft, warm flannel.  Especially when your bedroom is way down the hall from the heat source in your house.

Big, long, thick bath towels.  I used to use bath towels until they were threadbare.  Sometimes I realize I took more of my upbringing than I realized and the propensity to use things until they fall apart is definitely something I come by honestly.  Juxtapose that with a husband who wants to throw anything away the second it’s no longer useful to him and you have an idea of our struggles.  It doesn’t matter if it’s bread (he always throws away the last quarter of a loaf) or furniture (he was ready to take our perfectly good entertainment center to the dump last year when we got a new TV that didn’t fit in the allotted spot) or clothing, the second he gets a new coat the old one can be thrown away.  Doesn’t matter that there are places that welcome used coats for the less fortunate.  Oh, but I digress, back to the bath towels.  Now I get ones that are taller than I am and very thick and I love them.  Will never go back.  Thinner towels make good rags for drying off the car and that’s about it.

BENGAY.  I’m not sure where I’d be without the perpetual smell of wintergreen warming my joints and muscles.  It really is a miracle treatment.

Beaded neck warmers.  I also have this U shaped cloth thing that has beads inside that you heat in the microwave and then put around your neck.  I always have a stiff neck with kinks in it so this really feels good.

Magnifying glasses.  Requires no explanation. 

EXCEL.  I could extol the many virtues of EXCEL but if you have ever worked in it you know what I’m talking about.  I spent years using WORD for all of my data processing needs but now whenever possible I use EXCEL.  It is my calculator as well.  I never go to my 10-key anymore, everything math related is done where?  In EXCEL.

Sweat pants.  Seriously, whomever invented them ought to be knighted.  Or sainted.  Highly revered in every way.


  1. I'm with you on the flannel sheets...we used to have them just in the winter, but now they are on 365 days of the year! Love them!