Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Be Gone Old Man

We are going on a week now of severe winter conditions.  It has been sunny but brutally cold.  And windy.  By windy I mean the Takus are blowing 60-90 mph gusts.  They keep extending the high wind warning, first it was supposed to be over Monday, then Wednesday and now Thursday.  It’s even severely windy in the valley which doesn’t happen all that often.  I can sit in the living room and see nothing but white out swirls from both the front and back windows.  Nothing but little tornadoes of snow blowing around.  The snow is now hardened ice and when it hits your face in a million little pieces at a high velocity it feels more like glass. A view of the Chilkats from Egan Drive looks like a photo out of focus, there is so much swirling snow on top it looks blurry.  Sometimes the anticipation is worse than the reality of going out in it, you look from inside and even if you are toasty warm it invokes shivers down your spine.  Poor Oscar was for his morning poo the other day and got caught up in such swirl, I wondered if we’d see him again or if the wind would just carry him away.  Visions of Dorothy prevailed. He was not impressed.   So I’m officially waving good bye.......Old man winter go away, come again some other day (somewhere other than Juneau!)


  1. I got chills just reading this. I don't miss those long, cold, windy winters in Alaska. But I hold high admiration for those of you who continue to persevere through them. We're getting "the rains" this week and last night I took the chill off with some homemade hot cocoas topped with a little whipped cream. It did the trick!

  2. Honestly we here in Juneau don't usually have this kind of cold.....at least for this kind of time. The good news is it's sunny. It doesn't really bother me much as I view it from inside but I do think of our homeless or just people who work outside. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. Yes, Kathy, it's really on those who don't have shelter. I hope leave as quickly as they came.