Monday, March 7, 2011

There is a Bump on My Boy...

My beautiful boy Piper and Little Timmers
A couple weeks ago Chris pointed out a hard bump on the back of my cat, Piper.  He has thick fur and it took some burrowing to find it, which he does not enjoy, so I’m not sure if the bump hurts when touched or he just prefers not to be messed with.   If he were a human, I’d think it was a mole.  Chris thinks it has gotten larger but  I can’t tell.  Today I called the vet and he has an appointment on Thursday where he’ll check it out and take a biopsy of it.  The whole thing terrifies me.  NOTHING can go wrong with my little Meazer boy.  I love him so much it hurts.  Seriously, how is it possible to love 15 pounds of fluff and fur so much?  The whole thing is stressing me out, just  thinking about this doctor appointment he will have to endure.  It takes him a long time to come out when people are over, even if it’s Carole and Ralph who he has known all his life.  To have some random stranger handle him and hold him in place and then, God forbid, have to cut on him is almost more than I can bear.  

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