Tuesday, March 8, 2011


A lady in Anchorage got kicked by this moose when she tried to pet him.  Can you imagine??? The other people in the picture don't seem too concerned by him either.  Crazy people.

Moose in Anchorage

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  1. I've decided moose are like magnets. When I lived in Eagle River, we had them come through our yard on a regular basis. Most days, when I opened my front door, I always looked both ways before stepping out, to make sure there wasn't a moose standing at near the door. I often grabbed my camera when there would be one nearby. It's weird because moose often are very calm right before they bolt. You get no indication that they are frightened so it "seems" like they are friendly.

    I hope no one gets hurt while they come out of winter starvation, looking for food. I know I'm a little crabby when I'm hungry ... I imagine moose feel the same way. ;-)