Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lesson Learned

Note to self:  Never take the husband appliance shopping.  This weekend we went shopping for a new range.  Our old one is 16 years old and needed replacement, one burner didn't work and the oven heating element had fried and broken in three places.  I'm sure we could have gotten it repaired but we wanted a new one.  As we were perusing the aisles of The Home Depot and Sears looking at our options, I heard the strangest words coming from Chris' mouth.  He was actually advocating on behalf of gas stoves and convection ovens, and espousing their many wonders.  Who knew??? This from a man who has a very tenuous relationship with a stove of any kind, a microwave being the preferred method of "cooking."  But for the few times a year he heats a can of chili on the stove top he wanted a gas powered stove because "it would be quicker" and a convection oven "because it bakes more even."  Then he was really pushing for a duel oven stove, you know for the once a year we might need it.  I prevailed though, deeming the drawer down below for storing stuff was more important than two ovens.  So we ended up with the more conservative option I was pulling for...a perfectly nice stove in all it's stainless steel glory for under $1000.  Whew.  Success.  Until last night, this is, when I got home and was informed I am now the proud owner of a brand new refrigerator. One of those double wide ones that he since found out won't even fit through the front door.   It sure is pretty though so it should look really nice in our front yard.  I told him it was a good thing he didn't look at dishwashers.  Oh, of course he had, I learned, but they didn't have any in the same brand as the new stove and the new refrigerator.  Apparently they all have to match.  The things I didn't know. 


  1. Funny stuff!!! Did you have to take the door off the hinges to get the fridge inside?

  2. You are absolutely hilarious my was like I was there with you two ;) Needless to say, I love kitchen appliances, so I'm happy for your new addition to your household!!!