Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We are Ice Rich

The kitchen is now complete.  All new appliances have been installed.  The fridge was quite an ordeal – anything with a handle had to come off so there were four separate pieces.  It was pretty much an all day project but it went smoothly.  Now we have our choices of crushed ice or cubed ice.  Chris went through a period this winter where he made ice blocks outside.  I heard endless comments about his “ice farming” techniques.  Those blocks now reside in our freezer (their purpose unclear) but with new fridge and it’s endless supply of the frozen stuff we are “ice rich” according to my husband.  He does go off on these tangents sometimes. He is also enthralled with the filtered water.  Many times a day I hear comments about his filtered water consumption.  He’s pretty much thrilled with the new fridge on every level, he wondered aloud yesterday why no one had come to see it.  So I figure it my spousely duty to show one and all our new kitchen.

As a side note, we got the results from Piper’s biopsy last week and he has a mast cell tumor.  Surgery tomorrow.  Please pray for my kitty, I love him to pieces.


  1. You are ice rich and I've got fridge envy! That is the most beautiful fridge I've ever seen!! I love, love, love the freezer on the bottom. I've never had one but it just makes sense.

    Ask Chris is he's ever made an ice candle? I can't remember exactly how I did it, but you end up with a big round piece of ice being a candle holder outside. Very pretty. Bet he could figure it out.


  2. P.S. Hope you kitty does well through surgery.

  3. I hope you kitty did well through his surgery!

    You do have a lovely refrigerator, and stove. I have the freezer on the bottom as well, and I simply love it...kudos to you two!!!