Friday, January 21, 2011

He Eats the 'Gus

My husband, never ceases to amaze me. He is nothing if not unpredictable.  I think I have well documented the fact that he is the worst eater I've ever known.  His PALATE (proving I am teachable) stopped developing around age 8.  He gives no consideration to his nutritional needs in his daily food intake.  He has a mantra, "if it's green it's trouble, if it's fried order double" and seriously people, these are words he lives by.  He is an unapologetic and proud white Wonder bread, American cheese, Miracle Whip poster child.  Gourmet eating for him is canned chili on top of corn chips topped with aforementioned American cheese. His dinner request for his 49th birthday was McDonalds.  His breakfast 7 days a week are Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk.  He looks at me in disgust when I serve salad or add vegetables to anything.  His entrails must be glued together by all the processed food he eats and I dare not query about his elimination habits.  Therefore, it has come as a shock and 8th wonder of the world when, in the last couple of weeks he has developed a fondness for......ASPARAGUS!  It happens to be one vegetable I detest.  I remember my mom growing her first asparagus patch.  My dad grew every vegetable there was but he didn't care for asparagus either so that veggie didn't make the cut.  My mom talked about her asparagus all summer long and finally it was ready to harvest.  She gave me a bite to try uncooked and it was okay but when she served the cooked version I seriously almost threw up at the smell.   But I digress.  Chris bought a bunch of asparagus one day when he was at the store and it sat in fridge for several weeks.  One night I was making dinner and he prompted me to cook it so I roasted it.  He quite liked it.  Then the next time we were at the Safeway they were out so he put a can of it in our cart.  He has yet to test that theory but in the meantime I made a special trip to the store one morning to see if they had fresh asparagus and they did so every night when he gets home from work he nibbles on a few raw spears.  Tonight I heard the words I never thought would pass his lips, "I really love the asparagus."  What?  Who is this man and what has he done with my husband??


  1. Great post Kathy! I'm with you, I don't really like asparagus either, except pickled. Have you ever tried it pickled? I also ventured out and tried it fried in olive oil last summer with some sesame seeds. Don't overcook it. I actually could eat it. I think Caroline (my work friend) actually cuts it up and puts it in her morning eggs. I have yet to try it that way. They say the palate changes. Glad he's getting some "greens" in! Love it!!

  2. I agree...fantastic iteration Kathy! And good on Chris for tip-toeing into the veggie aisle of the market (you too ;)! We love asparagus though, as you probably noticed on Sandra's Recipes - Alaska ~ and our favorite method is to grill or roast fresh asparagus with olive oil, garlic powder, and onion powder, sea salt and ground pepper (as the freshly minced garlic tends to burn and get bitter). You should try my roasted asparagus soup recipe to see if Chris (and you possibly) might like that too ;-)...Happy days to both of you!!!