Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside......

I do cold really well.  When I lived alone I kept my apartment frigid, mostly because I didn't want to pay the electric that would warm it.  I love to dress in layers and I love to sit with my Ipad under a blanket and read or watch TV.  I don't even mind walking it in.  Usually once you are dressed to go and get underway it gets quite comfortable in a hurry regardless of the temperature.  I generally love the cold, clear, sunny days that come with winter.  I discovered this week that one reason I can say that is because I have a warm garage to keep my car in.  It is zero fun to run outside and pry your car doors open and wait 20 minutes before it is drivable.  This week the cold became rather miserable.  It was into the single digits and that's not too bad but the Taku winds were howling at gusts clocked up to 88 mph.  One night the police report 15 cars with their windows blown out and a satellite dish at the radio station was blown over.  Many people had the usual frozen pipes and reluctant vehicles but there was a lot of cracked windows in houses as well due to the seal being blown out.  At my job we are in charge of the state owned and leased facilities and those old state buildings do not bear up well under these conditions.  The building that houses all the state archives took the worst hit.  There were never ending calls all week long that employees were cold.  And it was true - I don't think anyone got comfortably warm all week but that's what layers are for.  At home we keep our thermostat set at 60 degrees (we can make a 600 gallon tank of oil last over a year) at the pellet stove runs constantly but this week the warmest it got in the living room was 72 and down the hallway was probably more like 63.  Even when we slept the blankets and flannel sheets kept us snugly and warm but my ears and nose would be frozen.  So I hereby surrender.  Please Lord, would you warm us up??


  1. It is extremely windy here too but luckily we're having warm wind. Stay warm!!!! I love layered clothing also. I wear turtlenecks almost every single day in the winter time. On cold nights, I wear turtlenecks to bed. We keep our temp at 68. I don't think I could do 60.

  2. haha... our thermostat is never below 67 degrees..and usually at 69...and it's rarely single digits here!!'re crazy!!!

  3. Well folks, our thermostat is set low but we do have the pellet stove going to augment the furnace. It's not that bad, I promise. Remember I live with a lifelong Texan...who is not familiar with the concept of wearing additional layers.