Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Skunk Cabbage
It’s official, spring is here.  I have seen robins and varied thrushes;  skunk cabbage growing and all kinds of action popping through my garden, particularly since I have ridden it of all the dead leaves that accumulate after a winter season.  Raking the garden and cleaning things up always makes everything look  so good!!   The next step is the lawn care.  And then comes the day I lay bark down over everything.   And then the day I make all my containers.  I have lots to do and can’t wait to get started but I must waiting until early May.  It’s still freezing every night and in my haste I always end up losing things or having to cover everything nightly. 

We recently stopped by The Home Depot and did some brick shopping.  In truth, we haven’t purchased anything yet but we now know we need two pallets of brick to build a garden wall where rotten 2 x 4’s now exist.  I really don’t look forward to that job, my back hurts already!

Oscar and I have been out walking the trails and enjoying the new life that has sprung up everywhere.  He enjoys chasing the birds and squirrels mostly.  I’ve never seen a dog so reluctant to go for a walk, if he has any sense that’s what is happening he refuses to get in the car which he can effectively do by dodging under the bed.  Usually he will do anything for a car ride.  Once we get out on the trail he is right behind me until we turn around and then he is racing for the car. Some lady was surprised the other day when we passed her, she said “wow, he goes fast for having those short little legs!”  Yes he does if he knows the walk is over.

The bears are also out.  Our friends had a huge one in their yard the other night so I brought the container of birdseed inside once again.  Last summer we managed not to have many bear visits so hopefully our place is off their radar.  It has really been nice to have sunshine and warmer temps lately and it has done so much for everyone’s attitude as well.  There is a certain satisfaction in knowing we survived yet another Alaskan winter!


  1. Your stories of Oscar not wanting to walk really crack me up. It is so opposite of my dog. Our dog drives us crazy in the mornings until we get the leash out and go.

    So, are you ever able to put bird seed out at all or do the bears get into it all summer? Pesky beasts!

    Happy Spring!

  2. I do put out small quanities of seed and peanuts every day regardless but bears do get up to the feeding platform occasionally and I really do not want to be responsible for a bear getting shot. It's a careful dance......

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I can't imagine what it's like to live in a place where you see bears regularly. They don't often show up here in the interior - especially after spring - although after they wake up, we do find prints here and there. I don't know how I would react to see one in my back yard!

    I can not wait to get my hanging baskets and containers planted. We need to wait until June 1st here. The color will do me good though. Too many months of black and white and gray with winter. But I'm happy to have survived another one too. (My eighth) Yay for spring!