Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice.........

Newborn Cora

So, not to be outdone by her darling little boy cousins, (see previous post) Miss Cora Lynn Cave arrived in Southern Oregon a little over a month ago.  My first great niece, born to my nephew Andy Cave and his wife Megan.  Her dad was the cutest baby alive and I think she is going to give him a run for his money!  How is it that my nieces and nephews can be having children?? Will someone please explain that to me??
Month Old Cora

I had to laugh when I read Megan's blog today and she had this lullaby posted.  She started singing and couldn't remember the rest of the verses so she and Andy made up the rest:

Hush little baby, don't say a word.
Mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird.

And if that mocking bird won't sing,
Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring.

And if that diamond ring turns to brass,
Mama's gonna buy you a looking glass.

And if that looking glass gets broke,
Mama's gonna buy you a can of coke.

And if that can of coke goes flat,
Mama's gonna buy you a vampire bat.

And if that vampire bat won't fly,
Mama's gonna buy you a cherry pie.

And if that cherry pie gets moldy,
Mama's gonna buy you a piece of gold-y.

And if that piece of gold is fake,
Mama's gonna buy you a chocolate cake.

And if that chocolate cake is gross,
Mama's gonna buy you a big moose roast.

And if that big moose roast is game-y,
Mama's gonna buy you more of the same-y.

And if all of this stuff isn't enough,
Mom and Dad will just say...TOUGH!

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