Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Planting Tulips

♥♥We Love You Mom♥♥

Today we planted tulips,
On the mound above my mom
She lies there waiting patiently,
While we live joyously and long.

If every bulb we carefully placed,
Represented wisdom she imparted,
We'd wear fewer lines upon our face,
And less hurts inside our hearts.

If every colored tulip was a day she loved us dearly,
And every stem a day she was our mom,
Then every day for us would be a day sincerely,
That we would all be luckier than some.

She aspired to live her life by the African Proverb
to pray always with your feet...
And she continually gave thanks to the Lord,
 until her heart no longer beat.

Today we planted tulips,
On the mound above my mom,
She lies there waiting patiently,
Until we join her in her final song.


  1. wow...very nice! I'm telling ought to be writing or working on a book...think about it.

  2. Really nice, Kathy. Did you write this a while ago or just recently?

  3. just today....this picture popped up in my screen saver and I was thinking about my mom and somehow it all came together.