Friday, October 29, 2010

Pet Peeve Alert

Lately I have had some major pet peeves that beg for documenting.  So I begin, in no particular order:

·         Word Verification.  Why is it they always make the word you are supposed to duplicate so hard to read???  Letters run together or are stretched out of shape.  What is the point of this?  One day recently I had to enter a word four times before it accepted it. 
·         Husbands.  Last Sunday I made some chili.  I had bought this seasoning mix from a catalog of some school kids trying to earn money, I get on wrapping paper overload sometimes and have to branch out.  Anywho......I added all the usual ingredients, tomato sauce, canned tomatoes, burger and beans and then I dumped in a container of grape tomatoes which were great and we had two ears of corn on the cob leftover so I scraped the corn off and threw that in.  Cornbread as a side.  It was really tasty.  Chris ate it and complained it wasn’t chili, it was goulash because I had put corn in.  I ate it for lunch and/or dinner for four days straight and I came home Thursday night and to my complete and utter horror found an empty can of chili sitting on the counter.  He didn’t even have the good sense to throw it away so I wouldn’t see it. This pretty much sums up my experience cooking for Chris...I make healthy meals with lots of fresh ingredients and he grudgingly eats it once then I am responsible for all the leftovers.  And then insult to injury he chooses a can of HORMEL over my fresh chili. And given even the slightest chance he can’t wait to pontificate on how I never cook for him. 
·         Itunes.  I have had an Itunes account for several years now.  Recently we had a major meltdown of our computer and had to completely wipe out our hard drive and start over.  We had everything backed up on an external drive though so all my songs were secured.  I tried to purchase something the other night and it wouldn’t accept my security code off my credit card.  You know, the same credit card I’ve used to spend hundreds of dollars buying ITunes songs.  I wrote to them explaining my problem and they said it’s a card problem, see your bank.  Funny, it works everywhere but Itunes but it’s a bank problem.  If I could I’d boycott them but hey....I want my songs.  I guess I’ll buy an Itunes card but it pisses me off.
·         ELECTION TIME.  I can’t even have the radio on in my car anymore.  I am so sick of politics and all the negativity but I swear if Joe Miller becomes our newest senator I’ll throw up.  I do love Alaskans but lately they have taken leave of their senses when it comes to the polls.  While I’m at it, can we make it official and disown Sarah Palin? FYI, It is NOT Sarah Palin's Alaska.....


  1. I'm rolling on the floor laughing! Do you feel better now that you got these pet peeves off your chest? So funny!!

    I've had my iPod for 3 years now and it has exactly the same 2,000 songs on it that my son put on it when I bought it (used). But I totally get the whole credit card thing.

    Husbands? Oh, girlfriend, don't get me started! You just gotta love 'em as long as you have 'em!

    If Alaskans elect Joe Miller, you can come live in Washington. We don't enough democrats here either and we could use your help!

    Thanks for the giggles! (I deleted my previous post because I had a grammar error ...)

  2. I'm glad you were amused Susan, after I warned my sister not to read further I realized that was 50% of my readership!! But really...these things do get to me. I think my BP has been lowered considerably since posting tho....