Thursday, October 28, 2010

Growing Up Piper

I knew I wouldn’t get very far in this blogging business before I had to do an entry on my kitties, Piper & Tim. (OK Barb, you can quit reading here!)  To love me is to love my kitties.  Back in December of 2008 we had just lost my 15 year old cat Hillary after she had a stroke.  We were bummed.  Hillary had kind of been the forgotten child throughout her life with me, she was very good natured but she took a back seat to Hailey (my special favorite) and Higgins, who was obnoxious beyond belief.  She seemed content enough but she just didn’t get the kind of attention the other two required.  That all changed when Chris came on board.  Hillary had had enough; she was going to stake her claim! Chris was never a cat person and he was very detached from all three....that is until Hillary won him over.  She started by waiting at the door when he came home from work.  Then she started coming in the bedroom when he was getting ready for work.  She was a talker and they had some great conversations.  She never wanted to be held or sit on your lap or any of the usual cat behaviors non-cat people object to.  She just wanted to be talked to and petted.  I knew Chris was a goner the day I heard him singing to her “I’m a little teapot” and using her paws to do the motions. 

After her death we were down to one cat and things were way too quiet so talk of adopting commenced.  One trip to the Humane Society revealed 7 or 8 lively kittens........I always hear people talking of their cats picking them so I was waiting for some kind of sign.  They were all cute and I would be happy with any of them but one little Siamese got my attention.  He was beautiful with his blue eyes and creamy fur and so soft.  He didn’t seem particularly smitten with me however, and I had decided I didn’t want any more males and I have never had any affinity towards Siamese but after a second visit I decided he was it.  Once at the house he just made himself at home.  He slept with us that first night and after I got up he and Chris spent the morning bonding.  He was all over the place and launched himself off the armoire on top of Chris’ head as an initiation.  Chris won with flying colors and they’ve been best buds ever since.

Piper loves games........hide and seek is his favorite.  He follows Chris around like a little puppy.  We have a long hallway and we can hide in different entry ways and Piper will come side-hopping down the hall to “find” us.  He still does that particular little game and it still makes us laugh. 

When he got a little older his canine teeth started growing.  Apparently it is inherent to that breed  (Seal Point) but his two teeth are longer than his mouth and they show!! We are always telling him to keep his big old teeth in his mouth.  He has also turned a dark brown.  Now he looks like a rich cup of coffee with only a few little creamy parts.  He really is beautiful and I love that color combination, especially with the blue eyes.  He is also the sweetest, most congenial feline I have ever owned.  We were worried about the typical Siamese howl that you always attribute to them but Piper is very quiet.  When he does meow for attention it is very mellow. 

All this is not to say he doesn’t get into mischief though.  He is all little boy when it comes to trouble.  He loves to run and chase Timmy and Oscar and rip through the house at 100 mph.  He’ll knock anything on any surface that isn’t nailed down.   Just to see what happens.  He broke my favorite plate doing that once.  But who can stay mad at my Petey Piper.  I really am madly in love with him. 

Tomorrow:  All about Timmy!!

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