Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Old gross walls

Oscar being ever helpful throughout



The new walls in back (the cats love walking down it!)

We had a busy weekend for sure.  On Saturday we got two pallets of bricks delivered from The Home Depot.  Our intention was to tear out the old rotten, 2x4's that had been holding the garden in along the perimeter of our house and replace them with bricks walls.  SOMEONE (who will remain anonymous) had done the math and determined we needed two pallets of bricks but we built all the garden walls and still had a pallet and then some remaining.  Our next project was to do a garden behind the house.  First all the rocks that had been there had to be hauled away and then we had to level out the front.  Chris is upset that it isn’t in a straight line (the very linear engineer in him) but I told him my garden doesn’t grow in a straight line and I enjoy the more organic look.  I had to keep reminding him the brick is to enhance the garden, not the other way around.  He kept saying “it’ll grow back”....not what I wanted to hear.  He doesn’t understand the emotional attachment to gardening! When the back was done I had the bright idea to build another garden in front.  I have actually been wanting to do this for year so it worked out great.  It was H O T yesterday and it is hard work hauling those bricks, rocks and heavy bags of soil around.  Today I almost enjoyed coming back to work so I can relax!  That’s a lie actually, it’s supposed to be in the high 70’s today and I’d give anything to continue my vacation.

New garden with miniature liliac in the middle


  1. Looks great!! A lot of hard work, especially when it's hot!! We had to work outside in the mid 80's on Sat & Sun and just plain sat around on Mon when it got to 90!!

  2. Mid 80's? Now you're just braggin'........

  3. Geez ... my "comment" section if finally working on Blogger. Yeah, we've had some cold weather for these parts. You guys in Alaska are getting better weather than anywhere in the U.S. I think sunny weather in Juneau is a perfect excuse for calling in sick for a "mental health" day. Tough to go back in with a tan the next though ... right? Your gardening looks marvelous!