Wednesday, July 18, 2012


On Monday my office had a grazing day in honor of my birthday.  We do that a lot.  Just the Friday before we had another one for a coworker that was moving on.  That one was breakfast themed with several different eggy, potato breakfast casseroles, plus we had fried sausages and a baked French toast dish that was to die for.  Mine, however, did not have a theme and people just brought what they felt like.  A coworker, Jon, brought some spring rolls with spicy peanut sauce.  IT WAS TO DIE FOR!!  There was shredded carrots and cucumbers inside rice paper with shrimp and bean-thread noodles and each roll had some fresh spinach leaves with a basil leaf and a mint leaf on top.  You dipped the whole thing into this spicy peanut sauce that had a bite to it from the chilies that were added and you had an absolute EXPLOSION of flavor……a party that just went on and on.  It was seriously the tastiest thing tp pass these lips in a very long time.  Even after you were finished eating a burp would relive the experience…a little basil, a little mint, a little spicy peanut sauce.  I’m telling you, it was absolutely scrump-deli-icious!!  Sadly, I do not even have pictures, we were all so busy eating and salivating over the spring rolls, no one thought to take a photo.  And Jon had just made up the peanut sauce so have no recipe for that either.

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  1. I love it that your office celebrates birthdays!

    We love spring rolls too. We have a couple of Vietnamese restaurants here along with our favorite Thai place that serve them. It's all in the peanut sauce!!! You're lucky to have a co-worker who makes them!!!