Monday, April 23, 2012

Springing Into Action

The last few weekends (three, to be exact)  we have spent furiously spring cleaning and painting.  So far we have accomplished this list:
Painted the dining room and the living room  ( silver springs, a light gray/bluish color)
Painted the accent wall and the baseboards  (a darker gray color)
Sanded and painted CD shelf unit to match accent wall; replaced knob
Cleaned another shelf unit and washed all the doilies and purged it of non- essentials
Washed livng room windows and cleaned blinds
Scrubbed down walls and door in entry way
Took all dishes out of the hutch and ran through dishwasher, cleaned all the glass and dusted the wood
Cleaned windows inside and out to the slider door
Cleaned all the glass covering pictures
Bought new rugs for living and dining room
Cleaned out cupboards in the kitchen
Painted kitchen walls and ceiling (bright white)
Cleaned all the countertops and stuff sitting on the countertops or on top of cupboards
Polished laminate floors
Raked the garden and yard
Changed out all the electrical covers (shiny  brass ones)
Paint ceiling in my bathroom
Now that everything else is so clean we realize we really need to paint the popcorn ceilings but then all the above would be for naught because it would make a huge mess.  I would definitely have to start over on the cleaning because every time you touch those ceilings pieces drop off.  And gardening projects are calling my name…….
One thing I’ve discovered is I love productive weekends.  I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from finished projects.  I love working until I’m physically exhausted.  It’s a good thing too because next weekend (weather providing) it’s time to thatch and aerate the yard and then it will need to be raked again and then I need to spread about 30 bags of bark, and then I need to fertilize and lime.  By the next weekend it should be time to make all my containers and plant the annuals.  We have had an amazing spring so far and I sure hope it continues!

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  1. Whew ... you really DID spring into action! Happy Spring!!